KO Studios Animation Portfolio

The animations below are a selection from our body of work. KO Studios produces both 3D and 2D animations for display in a wide variety of formats. These include web formats, HD formats for conferences, mobile device formats, PowerPoint and other presentation formats, as well as other media formats.

FLX 475 MOA Animation


MOA of CCR4 antagonost in Development by FLX Bio. Shows combination treatment of CCR4 Antagonist and checkpoint inhibitors to reduce tumor size. ©2018 FLX Bio

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 Pulsed Radio-Frequency Therapy

AMP Orthopedics,
Whitespace Healthcare Marketing

PRF Therapy is designed to accomodate the patient, the physcician, and the biotech marketer. It illustrates the MOA of a PRF device in treating inflammation. It also is compared to NSAIDs and other narcotics used for similar conditions.

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Diastolic Cardiac Insufficiency

ScienceProd, Paris

The Angiotensin - Aldosterone - Renin system is triggered by the thickening of the left ventricle and improper filling of the venticular chamber. This triggers the release of aldosterone, noradrenaline, and angiotensin II which binds to fibroblasts, releasing collagen and increasing myofibril rigidity.

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Natracor; hBNP MOA

Scios Pharmaceuticals
Adair Greene Advertising

Natracor treats congestive heart failure triggered by the renin - angiotensin - aldosterone system which causes sodium and fluid retention and vaso-constriction. hBNP is a regulatory hormone, which binds to Guanylate cyclase receptors to reverse effects.

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Asthma and its Triggers

Singulair, Merck
Rapp Collins Worldwide
New version in 2012 for UCSF

Patient education animation explaining Asthma and its triggers. The resulting constriction of the airways and the build up of mucus is explained, followed by tactics to maintain airflow and avoid attacks.

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Erectile Dysfunction

Medtronic Corporation 

This animationis intended to explain Erectile Dysfunction to physicians. It shows the vessels and nerves involved in blood flow obstruction to the penis, and the erectile tissue's failure to enlarge. The animation also suggests the benefits of clearing the obstruction by using stents. 

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Eisenmenger Syndrome

Actelion Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.
ScienceProd, Paris

Eisenmenger syndrome is caused by a hole in the septum between the left and right ventricles of a baby's heart (ventricular septal defect). The hole allows oxygenated blood to flow back into the lungs, instead of going out to the rest of the body.

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Diabetic Retinopathy

ScienceProd, Paris 

Diabetic retinopathy is a condition resulting from micro-vascular retinal changes. Lack of oxygen in the retina stimulates release of VEGF, a factor that causes new blood vessels to grow along the retina and in the vitreous humour. These new blood vessels can destroy the retina by bleeding.

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Cervical Facet Syndrome and Rhizotomy

Courtroom Animation for Law firm 

This animation was created to be used as demonstrative evidence in a personal injury case. Visual aids such as this can help the jury understand complex medical injuries and procedures. We can customize each animation to be case specific.
Music: Nii by Okinawa Lifestyle

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