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Medical Device Images

KO Studios produces illustrations and animations to demonstrate the function and/or the detailed construction of many different types of medical devices and products at a high level of accuracy. Examples of such devices include orthopedic equipment, stents, sheaths, inhalers, radiology equipment, surgical instruments, artificial lenses and orthodontic appliances.


Prestige Implant in Cervical Disc Repair

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The Prestige implant for repair of damaged cervical discs is a Medtronic product that replaces the former disc and allows for increased flexibility of the spine in comparison to a cervical disc fusion procedure.

Epic Anterior Thoracolumbar Plate

Biomet Spine, Inc.

The Epic Plate is a comprehensive lumbar plating system for robust anterior fixation.

Z-Flex Sheath Internal Tip Construction

Boston Scientific Corporation 

The Z-Flex Sheath is designed for increased flexibility. It has a coil system that allows for easy navigation of this instrument in difficult vascular anatomy. The radio-opaque tip also allows for easy detection.

Z-Flex Sheath Internal Tip Construction
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New Advances in Corneal Repair

Popular Mechanics 

Three types of corneal repair are shown in the adjoining images: 

Image 1: Conductive Keratoplasty (CK), non-laser refractive eye surgery to repair hyperopia.
Image 2: Insertion of Staar® Interocular Lens (IOL) to repair cataracts
Image 3: Verisyes™ Phokic IOL implant for myopia

Thoracic Aortic Graft

Dudnyk Healthcare Marketing for Medtronic  

The Thoracic Aortic graft repairs aneurysms and dissections of the Aortic wall. This piece was recreated using several different rendering techniques that you can see by clicking through the images on the right. 


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Biomet Spine, Inc.

The TIMBERLINE MPF System features a modular peek intervertebral spacer and a low-profile titanium plate implant. The System also includes streamlined instrumentation for assembly and implantation to accommodate patient anatomy.

Sprinter Legend® Kissing Balloon

Medtronic, Inc.

The Sprinter Legend angioplasty balloon catheter features the lowest pre-dilatation profiles on the market, making it suitable for use in challenging lesions, as well as allowing for the use of two balloons simultaneously in a small, six French, guide catheter (known as the “kissing balloon” technique).

This image of the Sprinter Legend® Kissing Balloon Technique is part of an animation first created by KO Studios in 2007. The animation profiles the Sprinter Legend® angioplasty balloon series.

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